Get the Financial Operations You Deserve

Our Process to Get You There

We make growth & financial operations a breeze.  Here's how we get your finances in shape.

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In-Depth Snapshot

We start with a snapshot of your financial operations, holdings, tax returns & financial health.


Identify Opportunities & Goals

After taking a snapshot, we work with your team to gain an understanding of where you're trying to take the company, while simultaneously providing our perspective around strengths, opportunities, threats and weaknesses.


Agree to Scope of Work & Take-off Schedule

Once we identify the scope of services you'd like from Nexoa, we work to establish a plan for implementation.


Implementation & Pro-Active Guidance

Once you're a customer, we'll take leadership to make sure everything gets accomplished on time and we'll help you build the financial momentum needed to achieve your goals.

Step 01.

In-Depth Snapshot

What condition are your finances & operations in?

Tax Return & Tax Planning
Investments, Holdings & Portfolios
Operations & Controls
Cash, Accounting & Systems
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Step 02.

Identify Goals & Opportunities

What's your vision? What opportunities can we identify?

Tax Savings

Startups and family offices often miss out on massive tax savings, we'll see what we can find.


Multiple owners, companies and complex holdings mean that structuring is critical, we'll show you our insights.

Growth & Operations

You'll know what opportunities and needs we identify to accomplish your M&A or fundraising goals.


We'll show you what risks you'll need to plan for.

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Step 03.

Agree to Scope & Schedule

Once we agree that we're a good fit, we'll decide on to the level of service & establish your take-off schedule.

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Step 04.

Implementation & Pro-Active Guidance

We'll take care of all the complex projects associated with implementing each strategy.

We'll pro-actively provide guidance, and when you need something, our team is eager to wow you with excellent customer service.

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